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Hardeep, One Of The Best Wreck Dives Thailand Offers
Just 50min From Pattaya?

Listed in the Top 10 World's Most Dangerous Wreck Dives

The Infamous Hardeep WreckListed as one of the world TOP 10 most dangerous Wreck Dives, responsible for numerous Wreck Diving Deaths, is just 50mins outside of Pattaya, Thailand (which is less than 2hrs from Bangkok). In a small fishing village called Samae San where there are not dive operators, but a few select dive shops in Pattaya have boats and scuba dive here. Only 30mins from this pier you will find yourself moored over a battle sank shipwreck and some would say, one of the best wreck dives Thailand offers.

70 years Of History

This wreck was formally known as S.S. SUDDHADIB but today, better known as the Hardeep wreck, sometimes spelled Hardepp The Hardeep wreck was, some 70 years before,  a 70m freight & passenger steam ship. She went down 1st of June 1945 after she was bombed by The British RAF (Royal Air Force) during the late part of the second world war. The bomber squadrons, RAF B-24 Liberator Squadrons 99 and 159, were piloted by allied British, American and Australian pilots.

How Did She Get Her Name?

Did her name make her Infamous!?

The Hardeep, as she's named, has a reputation with Pattaya wreck divers. This reputation coined in her nick name 'Hardeep' some saying its because she is a hard and deep wreck dive. Actually it more likely the name hardeep is simply a shortened and abbreviated variation of Suddhadib as in Thai the 'b' letter is often confused with a 'p' sounding pronunciation, hence Hadip or Hardeep when it is written as it is said.
Inside The Hardeep Wreck

How Dangerous Is She to Dive, Really?

Factual statistics are hard to find but its believe there have been several deaths over the years while many accidents diving this wreck. The wreck dive itself on the contrary to her name can be exciting yet relaxing and pleasant, and indeed in truth, can be hard and deep, this is not questioned. Since its location in Samea san is between three islands which consequently create a complicated topography for the water to swirl and flow intensely around during incoming tides. To this end if you're planning on a peaceful wreck dive during your holiday to Thailand, we would advise above all you ask the dive centre when the best reasonably slack tide is available. If you get these conditions you will find your self having a fantastic dive accordingly, enjoying the mystique atmosphere of the wreck whilst gazing in awe at the aquatic life that has made this wreck site their home.

The Hardeep Wreck - Facts

TYPE:: Freight & Passenger Steam ship
CONSTRUCTION::Built 1918 in Hong Kong by HK Whampoa Dock Co
NAME::Named after daughter of King Rama V, Correct name: Suddhadib
PURPOSE::Carried passengers and cargo around Thailand and SEA
ASSIGNMENTS::Carried cargo and fuel during WW2
FATE::Could not return to Bangkok due to mines in mouth of the Chaopraya River
TARGET::RAF B24 liberators bombed & missed May 30th but succeeded June 1st
STATUS::Recreation dive site probably 1st by US soldiers on R&R
REPUTATION:: Has become one of the best wrecks Thailand has.
POSITION & DEPTH:: Laying onside in 26-28m
  The Hardeep Wreck Map

How did the S.S. SUDDHADIB AKA Hardeep Wreck Sink?

During that fateful morning in 1945, fires rages aboard the Suddhadib, but despite this, it was not the fires or explosion which caused the ship to sink. Although fires were caused, the bombs which hit the S.S. SUDDHADIB did not explode (otherwise the hardeep would not be one of Best Wreck Dives Thailand has to offer today if they had). Instead a lone bomb it thought to have entered the forward hold, penetrating the hull causing her to sink, meaning this present day, she lays in 26-28m of water in the Gulf Of Thailand, Samaesan, 300m north of Ko Chuang. Until fairly recently, no real historic picture of the event existed and the story of her sinking was different from diver to diver, dive brief to dive brief. Until Peter Walker's research was completed.

Peter Walker had researched the full history of the Suddhadib (a.k.a. Hardeep Wreck), the findings that he unearthed were a revelation to all divers who had known the wreck only as an exciting, but rather anonymous dive site.
(Find all of Peter’s research in his excellently produced video here and dont forget to check out and send thanks to Alex over there for his truly amazing work and 3D renders of the wreck, its bombing and all the other projects he has dedicated his time and effort towards.

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