project aware dive against debris

Project AWARE Dive Against Debris App


Green Fins – Encourage Positive and Lasting change.


Ocean Man – Quests to Rehabilitate Coral Reefs

Ocean Man or Anuar Abdullah – A Quest to Rehabilitate Coral Reefs Over  the years of coral conservation we have seen the […]
Scuba Diving News- Illegal fishing net removed from reef

Illegal Fishing Net Removed From Reef

Scuba Divers In Malaysia Remove Huge illegal Fishing Net From Marine Park Protected Reef center no-repeat;center top;; The illegal fishing […]
new sea turtle koh tao

New Baby Sea Turtles Are Here


Ghost Nets – Be Aware Of The Dangers

Ghost nets pose a massive impact on the marine environment. This short video explain why & how The Olive Ridley Project Helps

Scuba Divers Rescue Manta Ray

This a brilliant short video showing Jane Headley and her husband saving an entangled Manta Ray on their scuba diving holiday in the Philippines. Makes me proud to be a scuba diver.

Marine Debris: The Ugly Journey of Our Trash

Why have our oceans become a dumping ground? This video sheds light on how litter travels from land to sea. Our ocean is under siege with than 250 million tons of plastic are estimated to make its way into our ocean by 2025