Underwater Photography Beginners Tutorial

Underwater Photography Beginners Tutorial

Underwater Photography For Beginners Tutorial  Step No1 – The Underwater Photographer Creed Step No1 in my Underwater Photography For Beginners […]
Top 10 Tips Underwater Photography Terms For Beginners

Top 10 Underwater photography Terms For Beginners

heading Does “Lube the Ring in Your Housing” Confuse you? Many terms are actually simple and explained here In my […]
Top 10 Macro Tips Underwater Photography Macro

Top 10 Macro Tips – Abstract Macro Photography

Enjoy this Top 10 Macro Tips for shooting underwater photos in macro. Its one best ways to start underwater photography […]
photoshop backscatter removal tutorial

Removing Back Scatter In Photoshop

This Tutorial Is Removing Backscatter In Photoshop With Spot Healing Brush  This is a Photoshop Retouching tutorial for underwater photographers looking […]
Macro Tips Underwater Photography Beginners Tutorial

Macro Photography – Getting Up Close & Personal

Getting Up Close With Macro Underwater Photography Macro Photography is Extreme Close-up Photography, usually of very small subjects, in which the […]
Underwater Silhouette Photography Tips

Underwater Silhouette Photography

Diving in The Shadows! Diving Silhouette Photography center no-repeat;center top;; have you tried Have You Ever Tried Silhouette Photography? Most of […]
Camera Housing Care Tips

Scuba Tips – Camera Housing Care