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Mares Viper Mask Review
Mares Viper Mask Review

The Dark Knight Of Cressi Masks Ultimate in Fit & Comfort

The Cressis Matrix Is a Classic Even Now

Cressi Matrix Mask 5 Key Points

Best All Round Fit Across Many Divers Faces

Excellent Enhanced Vertical Vision Tear Drop Design

Excellent Quality Materials

Best Value For Quality Mask

BadAss Level 10 - Batman Dark Knight Look.

Let me start by saying before I wrote this Cressi Matrix Mask Review, I have owned and used this mask for many years.  Any diver who understands that limited viz & the importance of comfort/fit will appreciate this mask.
Cressi Matrix Mask Review - Andrew Jennings

Me & My Cressi Matrix Mask

Cressi Matrix Mask Explained

Best All Round Fit Across Many Divers Faces Besides being a fantastic mask for me, my Cressi Matrix has also met the mark with nearly every diver i have ever given it to try out. As a full time scuba instructor for several years now i can tell you that's quite a lot of people! It just seems to fit the spot right with alot of faces, especially for larger faces. Ive tried tons masks yet this by far has the best fit and comfort mask I have found. 

Excellent Enhanced Vertical Vision This would be a Cressi Matrix Mask Review if I didn't mention that the continuing design principles introduced by the Big Eyes like the same concept of raked lenses and their special “inverted drop” for excellent enhanced vertical vision looking down at your gear, apply to the style for the Cressi Matrix mask also. The lenses are placed as closely as possible to the eyes, with the further increase in the field of vision taken to the maximum levels possible. Its headband is very narrow and is practically invisible when the mask is being worn. The soft silicone skirt has a new profile and a wide sealing ring for excellent grip and unprecedented comfort. The volume of the Cressi Matrix mask is exceptionally low for a scuba diving mask and it also has two pressure buckles, integrated into the headband which makes for a quick and easy  adjustment of the strap.

Cressi Matrix Mask Value

I think the Cressi Matrix Mask offers one of the best value options on the market for a high quality mask. Its been around now for some time and it now also has predecessors, such as The Evolution and Evo Big Eyes which for me are more or less the same design just revamped. The newer models for me dont get my new vote since they do not have such a sharpe tear drop to the design.

Cressi Matrix Mask Looks BadAss

Due to the other Newer Cressi masks not having the sharpe tear drop to the design, the Matrix is still my mask of choice simply because that sharpe shape to the mask, in my opinion looks better with more of a Batman Dark knight feel. We all know that the 2nd most important feature of a mask is it looking bad ass right!? UPDATE: After Many years of hailing this mask as the most BadAss looking and best fit, My New Mares Viper Mask Has replaced my Matrix after 6 years of devoted service!! (Still carry my CM as a back up though)

The Matrix comes in a range of colours, however, for maximum super hero points you MUST BUY BLACK! besides this reason, I buy the black silicone because I find it improves my vision by eliminating reflections from overhead. imagine a bright day when you cant see so clearly and you cup your hands around your eyes which lets your eyes relax and focus better.

Cressi Matrix Mask Review Summary

I love its low volume and the way skirt is tapered placing the bottom of the lens very close to my cheeks, thereby improving field of downward vision, like looking down at your bc. Its now one of the cheaper mask options on the market but the quality is still way up there and it scores level 10 badass for Batman Dark Knight Look!  I sure hope you find this Cressi Matrix Mask Review useful, and the mask fits you well. I've lent this mask to countless friends, students and divers alike to try and so far no-one has had any issue with it only noting an improvement!

Do you use a Cressi or a Matrix mask? What do you think?
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Andrew Jennings
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