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EEZYCUT Trilobite Knife, Eezy A Cut Above The Rest

Trust your life to the tools You carry

As far as Amazing dive cutter go, the EEZYCUT TRILOBITE line cutter really has made quite a huge impression on me as a diver. Its light, it’s safe to use and travel with AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, its unbelievably sharp so extremely efficient in what it is designed to do!

Engineered for Cutting

The design of the plastic frame forces the material being cut to be pushed along the length of the blade. It also increases pressure at the blade’s point of contact, ensuring a cleaner splice and longer blade life, all within a fraction of a second.

Take Care Of The Blades

The blades themselves are not you average Stainless Steel either, but a tougher, more corrosion resistant Stainless Steel, known as 44a. As with any dive knife, it recommended to give it a really good rinsing with freshwater after a dive. As I state in the summary later cleaning well, drying and even coating the blade with silicone grease prior to your dive is very important.
Eezycut trilobite Knife diver cutting tool review close up

Cleanest, Sharpest, Most Effortless Cutting Action!

Everyone experiences the “wow” factor the first time they use the eezy cut cutting tool, You just pull it out, hook the edge where you want to cut and then you can’t help but smile as it slices its way through line and webbing like it was melted butter.
As an Emergency Cutting Tool (E.C.T.) the EEZYCUT TRILOBITE was developed for divers, mariners, mountaineers, extreme sports adventurers and rescue service providers who demand a tool that delivers a swift, safe, efficient cut and that is exactly what it does and does well.

Perfect Size and has Self Redundancy.

As Scuba Divers we have to consider the size of our cutting devices to make accessible placement feasible. The Eezy cut not only comes with a perfect self-contained web holster, that holster also has a very secure loop on the rear perfect in size for placing this cutting tool on your dive comp wrist strap, LPI hose, Velcro strap or alternatively on your harness belt or strap if you choose. There are just so many ways to attach it.

Two is Better Than One

As Scuba divers we also love redundancy, I personally dive with two Eezy cut on my personal kit in different positions where I could grab either one with either hand if I had to. The Ezzy Cut also is redundant double sided cutting edges so in the unlikely event one side didn’t do the job ( and it is extremely unlikely) there is always a second edge to use as back up. Awesome!

EEZYCUT Trilobite Knife Summary

EezyCut have managed to successfully reinvent the wheel, at least when it comes to emergency cutting devices. The Trilobite is tiny, light as a feather, and can be mounted nearly anywhere inside its cosy little pouch. The only thing I would critique is that you REALLY need to take care of it to stop it rusting. Even with soaking in fresh water it develops rusting under the plastic housing, not that this actually affects the blades performance it just looks nasty. In an attempt to stop this happening to my second cutter I now completely open it and rinse it to dry and apply silicone spray. Thus far its stayed in good shape.

What Do You Think?

Have you ever tried the EEZYCUT Trilobite Knife? Do you travel with one? Have any questions about this divers knife? Do you recommend a different one? Let us know in the comments below!

Andrew Jennings
Andrew Jennings
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