Top 10 Amazing Nudibranch By Andrew Jennings
Top 10 Amazing Nudibranch
swimming with great white sharks lucky bay
Swimming With A Great White Shark – Lucky Bay

Welcome to Green Fins

If you have never heard of Green Fins, it is internationally coordinated by Reef-World, and is the only recognised environmental set of standards with a comprehensive management approach to provide guidance and support for business owners and national authorities to promote best practices towards our underwater world.

Diving and snorkelling centres are uniquely positioned to act within their own communities and among customers to encourage positive and lasting change.

Assessments are carried out and those showing annual improvement in following the Code of Conduct are awarded certificates, allowing tourists to choose environmentally responsible options.

You can read all about Green fins Here

Also find supported green fin dive centres to dive with, and if your a dive opperator visit the site and see how you can become part of Green Fins and play your part in proecting the coral reefs and your industry in the long term.

Andrew Jennings
Andrew Jennings
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