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HOG Tech 2 Fins provides better finning control

Bring buoyancy, finning technique and leg power to the table

I am currently using and loving the HOG Tech 2 Fins. When it comes to deciding which Fins you like and buying fins that suit you it can be an epic journey of discovery. Usually one of the first pieces of dive gear a scuba diver buys, so many out there to say it can be tricky is an understatement.

HOG Tech 2 Fins are a retro style paddle fin. Made from fairly heavy rubber with wide blade, this type of fin gives you incredible precision and control. That is to say if you have the skills to use them in this way, if not I’m sure they will inspire you to do so. My first retro style paddle fin was the Scubapro Jet Fin and although I loved these fins I was forced to change them. But that’s another story you can read here - my updated Scuba Pro Jet fin Review

HOG Tech 2 Fins Specs

Material Made from 100% rubber

Size: Length 19inch (Approx. 48cm) Width 8inch (Approx. 20cm)

* size is reduced for smaller foot size. My fins are XL

Weight – 4.5lb (Approx. 2kg)

Straps - stainless steel heel spring strap

Features: Side Ridges for maneuverability & foot pocket drain

I could go on for hours about these fins and how they magically makes you fly underwater, except of course they don't. You need to bring the buoyancy, finning technique and leg power to the table, when you do that these fins will translate your ability to actual diving much better than many fins on the market.
HOG Tech 2 Fins Review

Let’s talk HOG Tech 2 Fin Material & Design

HOG Tech 2 Fins are made from one block of 100% rubber keeping with the classic wide blade style this fin is both comfortable and efficient. They also have a nice flexible foot pocket that’s extremely comfortable. Their classic paddle design of course features a nice thick side ridge for precision maneuverability and HOG have included a drain hole in the foot pocket also. Anyone who dives Jet fins knows you got to tip them as you get out of the water, but not with HOG Tech 2 Fins.

Size matters.. That’s what she said.

When it comes to fin size you have to realize that less is not more. Each style of fin brings slight pros and cons to the table where their length and width are concerned. Given that HOG Tech 2 Fins are a classic paddle fin, by compassion to my Jet Fins they are in fact slightly longer. As true as this may be, this is only to due to the fact I used a smaller foot size of jet fin. When I compared them like for like foot size wise, I found them to be basically same. They are not the smallest find by far yet I feel offer you one of the best options available for size Vs power and can still be carried with a backpack.

But their heavy man…..

No as heavy as you might think. The HOG Tech Fin 2 fins only weigh 41⁄2 pounds compared to the classic Jet Fin’s 6 pounds which by large is a bonus and makes for easier carrying.

Strap on it feature time

Come one now don’t get to excited, it a fin review! With your new HOG Tech 2 Fins come a nylon wrapped stainless steel heel spring strap as standard. I will never own another pair of fins without this kind of strap. Have it included as standard is nice since these fin strap upgrades are not so cheap. The ease of putting on and removing your fins and the secure fit they allow whilst diving is incomparable to other fin strap option in my opinion.

HOG Tech 2 Fin Summary

The HOG Tech Fin 2’s offer a stiff blade to give you that extra propulsion if you encounter some current at the same time as keeping the weight reasonable. They are well priced, comfortable and well made. If you’re looking for a travel substitute to the original tech paddle Jet fin fin, I highly recommend choosing the HOG Tech Fin 2’s. You could go with a slightly lighter and smaller fin, but you’ll be giving up a lot more comfort at depth – a tradeoff I happily make.

What Do You Think?

Have you ever tried the HOG Tech Fin 2? Do you travel with them? Have any questions about this fin? Do you recommend a different one? Let us know in the comments below!

Andrew Jennings
Andrew Jennings
You host and creator of underwater clicks.