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Scuba Divers In Malaysia Remove Huge illegal Fishing Net From Marine Park Protected Reef

Today we got reports that scuba divers at Tenggol island on the east coast of Malaysia, just cut and took out a huge fishing from their prized dive site reef.
The illegal fishing net was huge( 60-70meter long) and extended from shallow reef areas all the way down to 30 metres deep. There are many beautiful healthy reefs nearby tenggol island that consequently could have been affected, however, in this case, it was Tokong Timur.
We need to emphasize that Tokong Timur if a famous dive site to Tenggol island. Frequently visited by Whale Shark and other large pelagic sea life, a huge fishing net caught up here in particular could have devastating impact! With this in mind, it didn't take the local dive community long to spring into action.
The immediately return back to Tokong Timur in the hope they could minimize the impact of the treat this huge fishing posed to the coral and aquatic life on this dive site.
illegal fishing net removed from tenggol
Tenggol Marine Park Malaysia
It took all the local resources to pool together and get the job done, with scuba divers of all levels pulling together in this conservation effort. All 70m of fishing net was removed successfully in due time, and all things considered the net removal was a success. Unfortunately, sad to say, in the time it took to discover this net and remove it, a number of aquatic animal perished in its clutch.

"It's sad to see how our underwater friends died tragically", said Guang Liang, a local divemaster leading the removal efforts. On the positive side, some of the aquatic life that consequently got stuck on the net, were still alive and they managed to help and release them. however, in spite of there quick response, a number of baby blacktip reef sharks, Trevally and other larger fish died.

Irresponsible, not to mention illegal fishing activities should not happen around this beautiful island.
Tenggol is part of the Terengganu protected marine park however, nevertheless scuba divers will always need to be on the look out to help Taman Laut Malaysia and Marine Team Malaysia to monitor those irresponsible Fisherman.

Please feel free to comment below to show support of enforcing Marine park law. All comments will be passed towards Taman Laut Malaysia and Marine Team Malaysia in an effort to increase monitoring resource and the importance of it. Thank You

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