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Mares Viper Mask Review

The Ultimate Batman Dive Mask - Mares Viper

Modeled with Meticulous Attention To Facial Ergonomics!

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Mares Viper Mask Review 5 Key Points

Reduced distance from lens to eye

Minimal internal volume / Very lightweight

Anatomical skirt without internal lip

Hydrodynamic profile reducing resistance in water

BadAss Level 20 - Batman Look.

For one thing this mask looks stunning. But behind its badass looks are some seriously amazing design features. Although purposely dedicated and designed by freedivers I use it for scuba diving as well and its replaced my favourite Cressi Matrix mask of 7years.
Mares Viper Mask Review

The Finish On The Viper Is Impressive

Mares Viper Mask Explained

Firstly important to realize is that the skirt has been modeled with meticulous attention to facial ergonomics, making it suitable for all types of physiognomy (a person's facial features). Secondly, the surface in contact with the face has been carefully designed to offer superior comfort and to stay in position better than masks using the traditional extra inner lip. In comparison to virtually every other mask in production which boast the "extra inner lip" feature, this mask has discarded it with faith that the designed Anatomical skirt does a better and more comfortable job. It certainly does! It conforms to my face well, seals unbelievably well, has great field of vision and is exceptionally super low volume.

Mares Viper Mask Price / Value

Although i'm not sure if its available in all countries yet and the price may vary in that, I picked up this mask for 160 MYR which is about 38 USD!! Ok, I picked it up at the MIDE Malaysian Dive Expo, it wasn't advertised with a huge discount. I wanted to buy another one and the stock price at the dive shop in Malaysia was the same! Unfortunately, they didnt have the stock when i was there ( I'm not surprised really!) Upon returning here in Thailand I tried locally but so far its seems to be unavailable. Ive since seen around 70USD price tag online which in effect is still great value! If you can pick it up for the same price I did, there is NO OTHER mask on the market of the same value and same high quality in my opinion if you like this kind of mask, especially when comparing to a major Mares scuba masks such as a liquid vision which are 3 times the price. Perhaps Mares know to all to well which may explain the slow deployment globally or cross purpose advertising towards the scuba industry?

Seriously, It's a Mean Looking Mask!

This Mares Viper stood loud and proud on the shelf when i first saw it. Ive used the same Cressi Mask for many years and wasn't even in the market for a new one but this caught my eye. I tried it out and was immediately surprised how good the fit was. It took me all of 5mins to decide the purchase. The Viper comes in a range of colours, Black, Green and Brown. I always buy the black silicone because I find it improves my vision by eliminating reflections from overhead letting your eyes relax and focus better. All 3 colours do this job well as there is no clear silicone option.

Mares Viper Mask Review Summary

Mares designers have created a mask with innovative technical features and a unique, striking design. The Mares Viper mask is a revolutionary product, developed in partnership with the best freedivers in the world. Designed exclusively for Freediving however suited scuba diving equally as well in all of its features.

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