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Amazing Nudibranch Key Rings

This is a fascinating and beautifully shot video called 'The Secret World of Sea Slugs' by Nannette Van Antwerp and is all about Sea Slugs, AKA Nudibranch which we are slighted addicted to! All over the world, Sea slugs can be found by divers in waters both deep and shallow, temperate and tropical. Unlike their land-based cousins, many are brilliantly colored, making them a favorite subject of underwater photographers. Their slow movement, however, can make them less desirable as video subjects; but with close observation, they often display some fascinating behaviors.

Nannette Van Antwerp is an avid scuba diver and amateur filmmaker. For about 9 years now, Nannette has been shooting video underwater and diving as much as possible capturing and sharing the beauty of the underwater world in short videos.
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Big thanks and apprications to Nannette Van Antwerp and

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