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Nothing More Butt Clenching Than When Something Huge With a Fin Appears Below You Over Deep Water!

Dolphins Were The Last Thing I Expected To See!

What The Fish!?

Diving with Dolphins! Indo pacific humpbacked dolphins to be precise and in Pattaya!   For a minute I thought I was Narc'd. I saw Dolphins diving in Pattaya and no one believed me! But today it happened again and I got proof! First off, I was up from a wreck dive, hanging out on my SMB making my safety stop at 5m when I saw this huge 'fish' with a fin come at me from the depths below! It wasn't until it got in clear view then i realised it was a Dolphin by which time it was too late to release the cramp in my fear clenched butt cheeks! Secondly These past weeks i now think Dolphins are stalking me!

Dolphins are rare at the best of times, especially diving in pattaya. After the first encounter I did some research to find out they were Indo pacific humpbacked dolphins. The have a very distinct dorsal fin. A threatened species, mainly threat is from enormous fishing lines and net entanglement and boat strikes.

More & More Dolphin Sighting Reported

So, I wasn't only the lucky one! In recent weeks scuba divers around Pattaya have been treated to one of the rarest and most special underwater encounters you can have whilst on a dive, to swim and play with wild Dolphins! This has become a regular occurrence at certain locations. We hope to identify a pattern to their visits. Could we perhaps predict the best time for a chance to see them again? What is attracting them here? Why now? These questions are buzzing the Pattaya Dive Community.

Pattaya City Of Dolphins

Pattaya City hosts a lot of Dolphin monuments and statues and local boat captains has often told of stories of Dolphins following the ferry boats out to Koh Lan each day and surprising divers around the reefs. These stories and sighting were seemed to be local folklore legends in most people's eyes as such encounters has not taken place for so many years, until recently where firstly 2 Dolphins were spotted off the HTMS KUT shipwreck, secondly followed by sighting at Koh Sak. Almost daily for about 3 months following, reports and post on social media keep spotting these magnificent creatures! Dolphins are often reported in the waters of Thailand, but mainly down south around the Phuket, Similan islands areas, so to have our very own up here in the North east of the Gulf is a gift! After the initial 3 months of sighting they seem to disappear until this week where we have once again being followed and approached by our flipper friends!

The Evidence

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