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Camera Housing Care Tips

Need Some Camera Housing Care Tips?

Every other week It seems I am meeting yet another diver on a dive boat who have a leak or a problem with his or her underwater camera housing and to be honest pretty much all of the most common issues i see could be simply avoided with some basic camera housing care advice, do yourself a favor read though this basic tip and see if one of them could save you some heart ache on your next scuba diving holiday!
Remove the batteries to avoid corrosion damages when not using
 Soak it thoroughly in fresh water to remove salt residue before drying & storing
 Remove your 'O' Ring so memory of the corner positions doesn't form ruining your ring seal
Make sure to buy spare "o' Rings, batteries, silicon gel and lubricants advanced of each dive

They all sound so obvious but be sure you follow them and maybe you will avoid problems in the future
Andrew Jennings
Andrew Jennings
You host and creator of underwater clicks.