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Swimming With Great White Shark - Lucky Bay

Imagine for moment, your snorkelling in a place you dont really expect to encounter a great white shark, just ducking around in the shallows of a bay and the y next thing you know your spinning around in all directions because you realise your now swimming with a great white Shark!

Lucky Bay You Say! Lucky Indeed!

One of Western Australia's most idyllic national parks, Lucky Bay near Esperance. The locals around Lucky bay already are quite sure of the presence of great whites in the area, Sidetrack TV was making a Shark documentary and decided to go check it out, but with a doubtful mind they presumed they would not actually encounter a great white. They wanted to make a myth buster of this notion.. Ooops!

Well you know what they say about presumption! Anyway, jokes aside and discarding the reasons what we end up with is this amazing video clip showing a very up close and personal encounter of what its like swimming with a great white shark, or white pointer as the Aussies call them.

Even though this must have been a terrifying experience on so many levels, I admire the guys stand and how rationalised his fears, he just keeps telling himself "I'm not its food" the shark was seriously curious and "came at him" a couple of times. But alas, no attack, no drama really other than the arse clenching expectation of our own worst fears. Great Whites are a dangerous animal, there can be no dispute, however I love this video because it goes to show that they dont simply chomp their way around the oceans eating everything in their path. They are beautiful amazing powerful underwater creatures! We should respect and admire them.

Got Anything To Add? Loving This Video? I am! Checkout more at Side Tracked TV Multimedia Productions

Andrew Jennings
Andrew Jennings
You host and creator of underwater clicks.