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Tiger shark steals a 4k camera Rig From Diver.

What Really Happened?

  • Tiger shark steals a 4k camera Rig from the diver!
  • Would You hold on!? Jim did and is dragged through the water!
  • Did this tea leaf tiger shark shake the diver free and swims off or did Jim win? Read more

Already notoriously known for eating strange things one more can be added to the list as a Tiger shark steals a 4k camera Rig! Marine Biologists have found some really bizarre items in the stomachs of Tiger Sharks, car wheels and tires, license plates, computer keyboards, a cash register and even a full suit of  armor! Perhaps soon one of these lucky scientists will find a $10,000 camera rig! Recently whilst in the Bahamas, underwater photographer and diver Jim Abernethy not only got up close and personal with one of these amazing and massive sharks, but also found out how tasty his  underwater camera looked. Either that or the Tiger Shark was on the look out for a nice new underwater rig! As an underwater photographer, especially one with a nice and expensive rig, you want to protect your investment from damages and theft of course, however when you are scuba diving, the last thing you expect is for someone or in this case, something, to pull a grab and snatch on you and make a get away in to the oceans depths! Well, underwater photographers and divers alike, be warned, that dirty no good thieving camera robbing rig heister might just turn out to be hiding in plain sight if you are shooting photos and footage of Tiger Sharks, as Jim found out!

So a Tiger shark steals a 4k camera Rig? What Really happened!?

Shark Expert and Wildlife photographer, Jim Abernethy perhaps got too close for comfort with a massive Tiger shark whilst on holiday in the Bahamas!  Seeking that perfect picture includes getting up close and apparently really personal with your Shark Subject. So personal, one massive Tiger shark thought that looks like a nice rig, ill have that and as it swam by, took a nice BIG Bite onto Jims $10,000 (£6,300) camera equipment rig, and made off with it!  Not giving up so easy, Jim battled with this gigantic apex predator, attempting to prey the underwater rig from its jaws whilst being dragged away with the shark before he eventually had to accept the hard fact that he really was not match for this would be robber and had to give up!

The whole thing was captured by Shawn Null, who posted it to YouTube and this video shows how the whole crazy situation unfold for you amazement!

Shark Expert Jim Abernethy, is well known as a photographer and passionate conservationist, it's his unique ability to bring divers up close to some of the world's largest predatory sharks which sets him apart from all others. I have read rumours he did manage to retrieve his camera but officially on his website and the youtube video comments its says its gone forever! bummer, that was a brand new 4k camera!

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Tiger Shark bits Camera and swims away!

This is NOT the first time a Tiger shark steals a 4k camera Rig!

Little more than a year before this famous Youtube video emerged, another diver had been photographing the magnificent Tiger Sharks when one decided it had had enough! lucky, instead of swooping for the diver, the agitated shark made a B-Line for the equipment instead! (Yes you really know where it hurt us the most! ) Tiger Shark are considered as one of most dangerous shark species in the oceans but that didn't worry Miguel Lasa until a Tiger Sharks patience ran out and it snapped! (yes the pun was intended) no-one really worry about  the camera from that point onwards, only their personal safety Lasa said. Again in the Bahamas! Whilst enjoying a guided dive Miguel Lasa, witnessed the Tiger shark snap on and make off with the camera belonging to a dive guide who was with other scuba divers on a trip. "The shark literally took the camera straight from the hands of the guide photographer. the rig had arms and strobes flashing alot which i think attracted the attention of the shark, it's very bulky so it was easy for the shark to grab hold of."  This time however the divers got lucky and the Tiger shark dropped the underwater rig onto the ocean's bottom about 100 metres away.

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