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Should I Burn a Dive new Dive mask

To Burn or not to Burn a Dive Mask?

So as a fellow dive professional, I hear this one A LOT! How to I stop my new mask from fogging up so much? The option presented vary from the commercial mask cleaner, tooth paste, a paste of Baking soda & even dish detergent.

The two most common questions that come up are;

1) Should I apply white tooth paste, lets it dry slightly, rub it around in circular motions using it as a light abrasive to remove the silicon residue and repeat is necessary? OR
2) Should Burn ( or to be specific) use a lighter to heat up the lens of my brand new dive mask, in order to remove the residue left during manufacturing which causes it to fog? or not….

Personally I have always used the toothpaste method, Although I have to say I did have one mask that nothing seemed to work for once and did end up burning this one with no issues and the desired results. That been said, Ive also known a few divers who mask shattered upon entry and I cant help but wonder if this was due to them burning the lens, they were all dive pro’s so it wasn’t exactly due to repeat face planting the mask or anything so it begs the question?

So What Do You Think? To Burn or not to Burn, Should You Burn a New Dive Mask?

Do You Have any Comments to Add to the Debate?

Andrew Jennings
Andrew Jennings
You host and creator of underwater clicks.