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Baht Buses!

You have being in Thailand a lot if.....

Scuba Diving has taken me all over the world, but I have lived in Thailand for more than 7 years now and somethings here are just weird, crazy and or amazing, most of these I now take for normal. Can you relate to this list?
Can you add any suggestions I have missed?
  You think that people back home don’t smile enough

You call motorcycles motor-cy

You start to refer to stray dogs as soi dogs

You realise it’s actually cheaper to just go out for dinner

You start dreaming about what bread used to task like without sugar.

You use the same tones Thais do for English words, so they understand you.

You no longer sweat while walking at night

You think of a taxi as a truck with a roof and rear platform and call them baht buses!

You See dogs riding on motorcycles holding the handle bars (with their owners of course)

You turn around when you hear the word “falang.”

You add “mai” at the end of your questions even when you are speaking English.

Your friend's say you talk funny and you refer to them as "my friend me"

You may consider a motorcycle helmet as optional

when you don't blink an eyelid to been cat called

when you have being genuinely scared of a dress mannequin

 You put your beer in a "condom"

You have to refuse a plastic carrier bag for a 7/11 coffee or pack of cigarettes or straws for any drink

When you have seen a fire show on the beach, a blind person singing karaoke and a man dressed as a lady that could be described as sexy.
Pom Rak Kun Thailand, don't ever change, you are perfect the way you are!

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Andrew Jennings
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