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IST Pro Ear Mask Review

Do You Suffer From Ear Infections After Scuba Diving?

This Mask's Your Best Chance To Keep Ears Dry & Infection Free

IST Pro Ear Mask - What's All About?

The IST Pro Ear mask straps have a pair of watertight pods that are designed to cover and seal over the ears, and these pods are connected to the mask by hoses. Whenever a diver equalizes the pressure on his mask by exhaling through his nose, he automatically equalizes the pressure on his ears as well! This therefore has to be a must-have item for slow-descending divers with problematic sinuses, ear infections and other problems. Issues that can affect any scuba diver regardless of experience even to the point where It can become serious enough to stop you from diving. Having Problems Equalising? Read My Top 10 Equalising Tips
Ear Problems?...There is Hope With This Mask!

It's been on the market for sometime now, it surprises me many divers have never even seen or heard of it! The IST Pro ear mask completely seals off the ears from the surrounding water. The air is then introduced to these sealed spaces, with exhalation from the diver’s nose, resulting in equal pressure inside and outside the ear drum.

IST Pro 1st Impressions / Inspection

As a matter of fact, upon Inspecting the IST Pro Ear Mask I can see it has being made using the higher standard/quality of materials available. It feels solid, has a nice finish and the silicon is of higher than standard quality in my opinion, which should be comfortable to a wide range of people without been too soft or too hard. Above all it's design is unique to date and will counter most of the unavoidable effects pressure and water have on the ears in the hope that you can have more enjoyment underwater, especially if you had issue before. In general It performed its design very well keeping my ears dry and it was simply to use, just blow through your nose whilst holding the mask just like clearing.

IST Pro Ear Mask Critics

Before I got to try this mask i had read many Dive Gear Reviews by critics, nervous about the earpod hoses. while the hoses are sturdy enough, the concern is if any damage came to them, it ruins the entire system, those hoses make the mask one more piece of gear a diver should never leave unattended.
I draw attention to this because i feel in part its true. you MUST remember this isnt a normal scuba mask and these hoses must be protected so. But that it all, remember, you dont need any extra special procedures to avoid damage. the mask is robust for sure, just don't leave it hanging on the tank where these hoses may get stretched or snagged by another diver.
How Do You Store your Mask Between Dives? IST Pro Otherwise? Sharing Below May Help Fellow Divers

Can I Wear IST Pro Ear Mask With a Dive Hood?

IST in fact also markets a hood for use with the Pro Ear dive mask. The ear pods must necessarily enclose the ears directly to work, so any mask must be fitted under the hood to make contact with the ears. IST’s hood is made with that purpose in mind. An alternative that some consumers have used is to take a normal hood and cut ear holes in it, with the holes sized so the hood laps over the top of the earpods (much as the front lip of the hood should lap over the top of the mask’s skirt). The idea of cutting a hood in this way is to create more space for the earpods, rather than to place the ears outside the hood.


IST Pro Review Summary

As a solution to one the more common, tricky issues for scuba divers, this mask is a blessing! It's does what is says on the tin (keeps you ear dry and equalised) and does it well... Also although it is rarely depicted, the mask comes with fittings on the ear pods for an additional strap running across the top of the head. This greatly improves stability and grip, so adding that top strap as soon as possible is a good idea. As a mask in general I think its pretty good. The profile is ok though my vertical vision felt slightly restricted looking down at my BCD, but that it simply because I very used to tear drop shaped masks which extend this area of vision so not as to say it a specific problem with the mask itself, as it is with me and my preferences.. The main point is the ear pods! If you're a suffering diver YOU NEED this mask. that said, i dont suffer from either of the two said conditions you wont find me replacing my beloved Cressi mask just yet! You can Read Why The Cressi Matrix Mask Is Awesome Here

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