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Ocean Man or Anuar Abdullah - A Quest to Rehabilitate Coral Reefs

Over  the years of coral conservation we have seen the world alarmed by the destruction rate of  coral reefs. To and from the furthest corner of the planet we will find a trail of dying coral reefs. We have create awareness. Is anyone doing anything about it? Yes, there are individuals and organizations that put their time and resources into finding solid solutions. It h is hoped these efforts will lessen the degradation of the coral reefs. Among the conservationists and scientists in this field is Ocean Quest.

Ocean Quest Innovations

 Ocean Quest, lead by Anuar Abdullah, have developed concepts and unique approaches to Coral Propagation and created a positive looking Program that is unlike so many that have gone before. This is the concept that allows Ocean Quest to be leader in coral propagation in the field. Using this innovation we are able to grow corals on its natural substrates. All other coral restoration projects use man-made substance as base. Man-made base like concrete, PVC or steel did not carry high aesthetic values like natural substrates. Unlike other coral propagation projects the Ocean Quest’s concept rejects the use of man-made substance for our coral propagation. Substrate in our coral propagation program consists of natural live rock from the same area.

Coral Reefs Education Is The Future

The Ocean Quest education packages consist of training progressions from beginning at an introductory workshop leading to the coral propagation trainer course. No other coral conservation organization has an education system as conducive as this. Started in Malaysia it is quickly spreading out to other countries as they work with communities to save the reefs. Which part of this development is our breakthrough? It is the simplified education that everyone can take part in it learning.

When we could teach the public a simple step of coral propagation we can make large scaled coral restoration possible

What would you do to help Save Coral Reefs?
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