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Underwater Kinetics Aqualite Pro Dive Light Review

Aqualite Pro Dive Lights will knock your socks off!

A very powerful dive light in the palm of your hand

UK Aqualite Pro Dive Lights

Less than 6 inches long, the Aqualite Pro dive lights pack big primary-light power that range from 750 lumens to a whopping 1200 Lumans, with interchangeable heads and slick rotary tail switches and depth-rated to 150m their small and compact nature makes it perfect for free divers as well as scuba divers.

Aqualite Pro 100°

Aqualite Pro 100° will dazzle you with its killer 1200 lumens, 100° super wide beam. This perfect low-profile light can serve as a primary but best suited for underwater photography and videography, the Aqualite Pro 100° produces a smooth wide angle beam that evenly lights up a subject. It’s easy to adjust via its slick 4 step rotary switch which reduces the power and increases the battery life. Burn time ranges from 1hr to 12hrs from highest to lowest setting. Interchangeable heads of 90° and 20° are available along with 90° Wide 395-Ultra Violet.

Mount Equipped

The Aqualite Pro 100° dive light comes with three included photo mounts giving added flexibility in mounting. A ball mount that integrates with ball joint style photo arms, and two GoPro-compatible mounts that also work with the UKPro line of accessories.
underwater kinetics aqualite pro dive light review

Aqualite Pro 20°

Aqualite Pro 20° is UK's latest handheld, powerful primary dive light. The narrow concentrated 20° beam reduces backscatter and works best as a primary light. With three power settings adjustable with an easy dial tail switch, you can choose from burn times ranging from 1.6hrs full beam to 12hrs at 25%. The 20° head putts out 750 lumens so It’s up to you depending on what’s an ideal amount of light for your dive needs.

Hand Mount Equipped

The Aqualite Pro 20° flash light come equipped with the hand mount out of the box. This mounts quickly snaps in and out smoothly and the hand strap if fully adjustable and configures for left and right hands. This hand mount allows hands free peace of mind while a allowing you to aim the light wherever you are pointing your hand. Great for free diving or scuba diving, especially for light penetration and swim through where you may be using a reel or line and need your hands free.
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A’HEAD’ in Way Of Flexibility.

With this pro dive light you get the option to purchase additional heads. These Interchangeable Lamp Heads give your Aqualite Pro full configuration with the most appropriate lamp heads for your needs. Choose the one you want or even pack all three the get the most from your dive trip. A 100° wide angle beam perfect for photography and underwater videography, a 20° primary dive head, or the stunning 90° UV head for a truly colorful dive. Made from UK's proprietary corrosion resistant HYDRALUMTM alloy.

Flexible Charging and Power.

Flexibility in power supply options is important to me. I’m happy to say the Aqualite Pro’s are supplied by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Buy spares and change as required as well as charge them from any USB power outlet or the included wall adapter.

The Aqualite Pro Dive Lights Summary

I used the The Aqualite Pro 20° with hand mount. Its size and weight made it the perfect mount and its fitting felt secure and rugged. The 750 lumens was very nice although I really want to get my hands on the Pro 100° version and take it for a spin with my camera. The price is very right, comparable if not better in value to likewise dive lights on the market in it range it offers a lot more in ways of mounting and flexibility with its interchange heads. The USB charger in combination with a suitable power bank is perfect for long boat trips or as a backup if you need a top up. Amazing dive light.

What Do You Think?

Have you ever tried the Aqualite Pro Dive Light? Have any questions about this dive Light? Do you recommend a different one? Let us know in the comments below!

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Andrew Jennings
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