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New Baby Sea Turtles Have Arrived!

Yesterday we received 10 Baby Sea Turtles, Hawksbill sea turtles in fact, here on Koh Tao. They hatched on September 22nd on Koh Samui. The turtles have been brought to Kao community, from the Department of Marine and Coastal resources, and will be head-started for several months at the turtle center at the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program before release.

Want to Visit The New Baby Turtles?

Everybody is welcome to come down and see them! The sea turtle nursery is located in the garden area of the New Heaven Dive School in Chalok Ban Kao. We encourage you to bring your kids down so they can see some turtles up close and learn more about these amazing animals.

Please be aware that visiting hours, are 9 am-5pm. If our volunteers are around they can teach you a bit about the program or answer questions, however if they are not around then please just have a look but DO NOT TOUCH anything (turtles, valves, etc). You are permitted to take photos, but are not permitted to handle or touch the turtles. However, around 4-5 pm, visitors may come and observe and sometimes help with feeding and maintenance. There is no charge to see the turtles, however donations used for purchasing food are welcomed. If you are going to come with a big group please let us NHRCP know first, and if you want to arrange a workshop for your group (minimum 5 people, 2-3 hours with lecture and work with the turtles, cost 200 baht/person with all money going to the turtle program).

Help to Track Sea Turtles

Don’t forget that if your here on Koh Tao and see turtles while diving or snorkeling please, if possible, take pictures of the head and submit the to the “Koh Tao Turtles” page on facebook. it would be a great help! Thank you

Do you love Turtles? Let me Know! I do, this is really great work, thank you to NHRCP and all it volunteers! Well done!

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