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The Secret World of Sea Slugs
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Check out these Amazing Nudibranch

For those people reading this who have never dived before or who are fairly new to scuba diving /underwater photography and therefore never heard of a 'Nudibranch' the prospect of getting excited by a bottom dwelling, slug like critter may seem a little strange but let me tell you, as a nudi lover these little, insanely-coloured critters sparkle like diamonds on ocean floor, catching the eye of any underwater photographer that knows what they are looking for.

I guess it's a combination of their striking colours and style their ease photographing and the excitement of seeking them out and find new ones all the time which makes they so appealing.

The rarest of Nudibranch (Key Rings).

Check it out, it's a collectors edition set of Nudibranch Key rings/magnets. Each nudi is approx 5-6cm long molded plastic and hand painted. some serious love went into the creation of these and i've since found out they are a craze right now out in Japan... with an especially high demand for this set :) oh yeees!.Originally I simply wanted a nudibranch key ring but now  they serve as nudi  key ring, nudi kitchen fridge magnet and also mu nudi scuba training aid as i have incorporated them into my underwater photography courses as a macro training object! how cool is that, nudi on demand for practice and my underwater photography students can now practice macro focus and position/angles on nudibranch before we even hit the water!

These are extremely rare its seems, I have scanned the internet but in English, not turned up any results, however if you are looking for similar other nudi related items you should go to this link
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Andrew Jennings
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